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PD5MVH pNetherlands 05. 09. 2016 DX Info 2016 eu038 ж.

05 қыр. 7093.

0 PD5MVH P 11 SepZ IOTA EU 038DL1JKK> 7093. 0 PD5MVH P eu038 11 SepZ cq, IOTA EU 038SP6CZ> 7093.

0 PD5MVH P 11 SepZ iota eu 038 tnx MarcelIK2UCK. Refresh spots.

dx info. Texel Island IOTA eu038 EU 038 DO1IQ , DO1BEN 2017 fall Texel island activity run from October 27th until Novemer 4th. Call sign was PD DO1BEN.

Texel is located in the northern part of The Netherlands in the Wadden See. Texel Island is IOTA Ref.

EU 038. QTH was: De Cocksdorp Locator: JO23KD There is also a Lighthouse on the Island.

It s valid for World Lighthouse. PA9CW p Texel Island IOTA EU 038.

DxCoffee Tonnie, IOTA EU 038 asPA9CW p until 21 September.

, PA9CW will be active from Texel Island QSL via home call.

ikzelf. Tags: EU 038, Texel island.

, PA9CW p, PA9CW IZ8IYX. Journalist , Chief Editor of DxCoffee. com I wrote DX articles for: The DX MagazineUSA CQ Ham RadioJapan DX Magazine 59Japan.

PA6TX confirmed during IOTA contest PH4X 2014 ж. 10 нау.

In 2013 we activated the island of TexelEU eu038 038) during the RSGB IOTA weekend in July. This year, more operators.

, we will return with better equipment , in 2014 This year we will use PA6TX as callsign. More info will follow soon. Meanwhile: qrz.

com db pa6tx. Confirmed operators: PA4RVS, PH4X, . Latest Ham news QRZ India Amateur Ham Radio Callsign.

24. 08.

QRV with beach portable Groundplane at Pal 28 on texel island. had the time eu038 iota to put up a beach portable gp.

up abt 10m, closed to the water. fb 60 cw qso s from iota eu038 on 20m.

including 6 fb dx contacts with us stations. between 11 , 14 utc.

pwr abt 60wtts. condx were much better than at the illw.


2005 ж. 27 там. HP2ATEX.

HP2CWB) IOTA GALLERY. IOTA QSLs confirmed. Home Login Album list Last uploads Last comments Most viewed Top eu038 rated My Favorites Search.

Home IOTAIslands On The Air EU) EUROPEEU) EUROPE Return to the eu038 thumbnail page, Display hide file information. Auditeurs Ecouteurs IOTA Radioamateurisme SWL This year during the PACC contest the Isle of Texel was cold as Nova Zembla. The wind blew so violenty from the east reaching9 degrees , a chill factor of24.

A place for only those hardened guys with true grit , survival means. Lighthouse of TexelARLHS: NET 024, IOTA: EU 038 Click on the Photo s to enlarge).

IOTA Traadita Wiki by Jan Co. EU 037 SM7 Kalmar County groupex OLAND GROUP, INCLUDES UTLANGAN) EU 038 PA Noord Holland Friesland Groningen Provex WEST FRISIAN ISLAND) EU 039 F CHAUSESY ISLAND EU 040 CT BERLENGA ISLAND EU 041 IM0 MADDALENA ARCHIPELAGO EU 042 DL SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN. IOTA Expedition EU 037 SD7V EU 177 SD7V 5.

EU 138 SD7V IOTA Contest DLØKWH EUIOTA Contest DLØKWH EUIOTA Contest OZ DL2VFR EU IOTA Contest OZ0FR EUIOTA Contest DM50IOTA EUIOTA Contest OZ0FR EU 029. IOTA activatie vanaf Texel Hamnieuws 2013 ж.

02 шіл. Tijdens de IOTA contest die het laatste weekend van juli plaatsvind zal een groep Nederlandse zendamateurs actief zijn vanaf Texel, ook bekend als IOTA EU 038.

Zij zullen meedoen in de Multi Op All Low Mixed Expedition klasse met despecial) call PG13IOTA. Activiteit zal iota in iota SSBen beperkt CW) met.

ARRL DX Bulletin ARLDPeter, until April 4. , DL4FCH is active as PA DL4FCH from Texel Island, IOTA EU 038 Activity is on 80 to 10 meters.
QSL to home call. MACAO, XX. Pertti, OH2PM is active as XX9TRR until April 1.


Dan, NA7DB is QRV as eu038 XZ1DB until April 4. ORARI Lokal Depok YC1ZAN. IOTA List 2013 ж.

10 қыр. who were active as 9M2SE from Pulau Indah, , videos of their activity at: blogspot. , were celebrating 56th anniversary of Malaysia s Independence Day last weekend, eu038 now have pictures comm2se pulai indah iota as 074 activation.

html EU 038. Tonnie, eu038 PA9CW, is now active.

lu6w Johan, PA3EXX nl. Johan is a top DXer, IOTA 1016. , DXCC HR 338 345 A very experienced activator, 181, OC 172, SA 031, 062, 043, 267, 185, NA 243, 097.

, 265, 255, 227, iota 198, 092, 187, he put on the air many iota rare , such as EU 038, new IOTA groups Johan is highly interested in both CW , . Zendamateur.

COM Toon onderwerp IOTA. Hallo Henry, EU 038.

, Volgen mij zijn alle Waddeneilanden bij elkaar 1 IOTA Voor IOTA activatie maakt het dan volgens mij ook niet uit op welke eiland je eu038 zit. Je kan in combinatie nog wel een vuurtoren mee pakken. Operator Equipment E51LYC eu038 Pukapuka Atoll, OC 098.

Johan is a top DXer, holding DXCC HRand IOTA 1070. He is a very experienced activator, who put on the air many iota rare , including EU 038PA EU 043SM EU 062LA NA 243OX OC 172VK OC 181VK OC 185VK OC 187VK OC 198VK OC 227VK OC 255VK. , new IOTA groups undefined 2009 ж.

05 сәу. Een groep van 3 radioamateurs uit de sectie GNTON6ZV, ON6OM en ON7EG) zullen met eu038 PA ON4IPA actief zijn vantotvanuit TexelIOTA EU 038.

Er zal met 2 stations uitgekomen worden in PSK, RTTY en SSB. Het station zal bestaan uit 2 eu038 x FT 1000MP Micro Keyer II interface. SV2AEL EUROPE list IOTA QSL.

net EU 037 SM7 Kalmar County groupex OLAND GROUP, INCLUDES UTLANGAN EU iota 038 PA Noord Holland Friesland eu038 Groningen Provex WEST FRISIAN ISLAND EU 039 F CHAUSESY ISLAND; EU 040 CT BERLENGA ISLAND; EU 041 IM0 MADDALENA ARCHIPELAGO; EU 042 DL SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN NORTH. IOTA SQ9MZ EU 036 Sor Trondelag More og Romsdal County North Group, iota LB9RE.
, LA EU 037 Kalmar District Group, iota SM7, SF50A. EU 038 North Sea Coast North Group, PA, PA6TEX. EU 041 Maddalena, IM0 HB9ASZ p.

, IM0 EU 042 Schleswig Holstein North West Group, DK8OL. , DL EU 043 Goteborg Och Bohus Halland Group.

PACC 2012 Isle of Texel PD2GCM iota IOTA. Name.
3B6. AF 001.

Agalega Islands.

FT Z. AF 002. Amsterdam St Paul Islands.

ZD8. AF 003.

Ascension Island.

EA8. AF 004.
Canary Islands. D4.

AF 005. Noord Holland Friesland Groningen Province group. F.

EU 039. Chausey Islands. CT.

EU 040. Estremadura Province group. I 0.

EU 041. IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE November.

IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE November 2017. Title File Name Date Position P33. jpg 21 viewsCyprus IOTA AS 004.
P4. jpg 12 viewsAruba island IOTA SA 036. PA7.

jpg 13 viewsTerschelling island IOTA EU 038. PJ2T. jpg 59 viewsCuracao island IOTA SA 099.

PJ4C. jpg. SolarHam.
com HamAmateur) Radio 2016 ж. 09 қыр. Ameland, IOTA EU 038, по 17 сентября на 40, 10 м CW, JT65, eu038 20 , в т.

, SSB ч. как PD38EU в Worked All Europe SSB DX contest.

QSL за оба позывных to home call. SV5, ДОДЕКАНЕС: 10 22 сентября Claudio, HB9OAU будет QRV как SV5 HB9OAU с о.

Karpatos, IOTA EU 001, в отпускном стиле на. CBForum Toon onderwerp 19AT EU 038. 2017 ж.

26 нау. IOTA reference is iota NA 002 , QSLs go via W2TT. IOTA enthusiasts , Prefix collectors should look out for PF38T which iota will be operated by Hans PA7HPH from 30th March until 9th April.

The location will be Texel Island which has the IOTA reference EU 038. A special QSL card will be issued via. IOTA Callsign Band Mode Status 1 AF 004 EA8 eu038 OH9MM.

IOTA. Callsign. Band Mode.

Status. 1 AF 004 EA8 OH9MM P.

10M. SSB Confirmed.

2 AF 005 CR4BS. 3 AF 014 CT3MD. 17M.

14 EU 038 PA9TOM. 15M.
15 EU 114 GC3YIZ. 16 eu038 EU 115 GI3NVW. 17 EU 116 GD6IA.

SAT IOTA EU038 Частоты радиолюбительских спутников , онлайн спутниковый монитор. IOTA Test Announced OperationsNg3k 1997 ж.

05 там. PA2JJB, By PA2JJB fm Texel IsEU 038. , Netherlands, PA2JJB PA3EVJ, VE3MR, By VE3MR; fm Schouwen DuivelandEU 146 SSB only; QRV Jul 12 30.

, Netherlands RZ0LWA, UA0LHT, UA0MF, UA0LCZ, UA0LEC, UA0MF fm Popova IsAS 066 also UE0LMF outside. , RW0MM, Russia, By RW0LBK bitcoin cpu mining 2017 bitcoin url protocol iota nu delta. Podstawowy dyplom eu038 IOTA wydawany jest za potwierdzone łączności ze 100 wyspami oznaczonymi różnymi numerami kontrolnymi zgodnymi z przewodnikiem dyplomowym przy czym w tej liczbie musi być po jednej łączności z każdym z 7 kontynentów.

I to jest. EU 038 PA Noord Holland Friesland Groningen Prov. M0BLF IOTA Dominic Smith 2009 ж.

29 қар. This page shows the different islands of the world which I have spoken to on the radio.

Click a link to view full information about the contact from my log. Some IOTA references do not appear in this list because I have never contacted them.

NUMERO: 746 DATE:A PROPOS: Le. Les. 2009 ж.

22 ақп. a.

MALTA group Comino, Filfla, Gozo, satellite islands. , Malta NETHERLANDS.

EU 038 PA a. NOORD HOLLAND FRIESLAND GRONINGEN PROVINCE group Ameland, Griend, Noorderhaaks, Richel. , Engelsmanplaat Rottumeroog, Simonszand, Ter schelling, .

, Schiermonnikoog, Rottumerplaat Результаты соревнования IOTA ContestCW, SSB) за. 2014 ж.

26 жел. This group is dedicated to all IOTAIslands On The Air) enthusiasts who like to exchange information iota , share opinion about different aspects of this. know they are good QSLers TM5FI, EU 095.

Does he use OQRS PE3V P, EU 038. I sent via direct in 2013 , bureau. No answer.

EI5DI IOTA Contest ResultsSd by EI5DI SDI is a custom logger for the IOTA contest , you re invited to download a demo version. EU102 39 PA6TEX 464 100w DX EU038 40 TM5G 1 810 DXpedition EU094 41 G0CRW P 692 DXpedition EU005 42 DL6YFB P. IOTA 1999 Island Single Operator 24 Hour Mixed Mode.

undefined 2008 Islands on the Air list. AFRICA AF 001 Agalega , St. Brandon eu038 AGALEGA ISLANDS AF 002 Amsterdam , Saint Paul Islands AMSTERDAM , ST PAUL ISLANDS AF 003 Ascension Island ASCENSION ISLAND AF 004 Canary Islands CANARY ISLANDS AF 005 Cape Verde LEEWARD ISLANDS AF 006.


ISLA DE TEXEL IOTAEU 038) Hasta el 26 de septiembre de 2014 Texel es una isla y también un municipio de los Países Bajos, la más grande de las islas Frisias y a su iota vez la más occidental. Está situada entre el mar de Frisiaal este) y el mar del. Final Results RSGB IOTA Contest Place, Photo, Final Score.

, Category, QSOs, Map, Callsign, iota Soapbox, Mults, Island, Video, IOTA Ref 1, IOTA FIX SOU SSB 12H LP, Edit, Capri, 65, 654, IC8WIC, EU031, 300300. 2, PA10TA, 407, 79, 275710.

, Edit, Texel, iota IOTA FIX SOU SSB 12H LP, EU038 3, EI7CC, EU115, IOTA FIX SOU SSB. , Edit, Main Island of Ireland PD38EU Callsign on QRZCQ The database for radio hams Biography. PD38EU QSL: Qsl via DQB , Direct I like paper Qsl E Qsl The Wadden islands in brief.

These are a large string of small islands in the Waddensea. The Dutch ones belonging to the Northfrisian IOTA group: EU 038. The wordwad" means mudland.

When the tide of the Waddensea is at its lowest, the sea. IOTA DXSCAPE Web clusterWW IOTA] 1143Z 2043JST SFI 76 SSN 22 A 5 eu038 K 2 EA8JK 1135Z 14264.

0 MERRY CHRISTMAS MANUEL EA6FA EG2MGT 1114Z 7125. 0 efna 069 ena 482.

DL1WH P 1356Z 14012. 0 EU 042 DL0NBR A61Q 1203Z 14005.

0 AS 021 HB9AUK PE1ODY 1121Z 18135. 0 EU 038 UT7EV JS6RRR 6 1100Z 3544. 0 IOTA.

IOTA Groups Islands IOTA Ref. No. Group Name, Noord Holland Friesland eu038 Groningen Province group.
DXCC Entity, Netherlands. DXCC matches one IOTA, No.
Maps, Open map: Sunrise, 07 54 UTC. Sunset, 15 21 UTC. Minimum Latitude, 52.

33 N. Maximum Latitude, 53.

57 N. Minimum Longitude, 4.

50 E. Maximum Latitude, 7. 00 E.

19DA EU 038 SIUpdate* Delta Alfa 2013 ж. 08 қыр.

In breaking news, 14DA007 Chris head a long list of successful IOTA Chasers to have made the log so far for 19DA EU 038 SI. , prominent French DX Hunters 14DA049 Fred, 14DA028 Phil PA2JJB Texel Island IOTA EU038 Netherlands.

QSL fra. YNOMY DX Group: Ynomy activity list List of the YNOMY individual , special event stations, WWFF, IOTA, special calls, etc. , team activities contests Date.

Activity. Call used.

Participants. 2013.




PH0NO. 2014.

PACC camping t Zand. PI4ANH. YNOMY team.

com Free. DXC, DX de DD3EU: 7094. 0 PD DO1BEN Texel Isl.

EUZ 43 00.

DXC, DX de DD3EU: 14215.

0 PD DO1BEN IOTA EU 038 Texel Isl. 1433Z 33 00. DXC, DX de F5PTA: 14215.

0 PD DO1BEN Cq cq iota eu 038 danke 01 00. 0 PD DO1BEN. OudeTraffic News berichten.

UBA Koninklijke Unie van. EU 038, Netherlands, NOORD HOLLAND FRIESLAND GRONINGEN PROVINCE group. EU 039, France, CHAUSEY ISLANDS.

EU 043. Referenční čísla IOTA. Český radioklub EU 033, Vesteralen Islands, LA.

EU 034, eu038 ES0 3. , Hiiumaa Saaremaa Laanemaa County group EU 035, iota Novaya Zemlya, R1O. EU 036, Sor Trondelag More Og Romsdal Cty Nth group, LA.

EU 037, SM7. , Kalmar County group EU 038, Noord Holland Friesland Groningen Prov group, PA. eu038 iota EU 039, F.
, Chausey Islands 19DX EU038 Engelmansplaat Island IOTA Delta Xray. 2015 ж. 18 нау.

19DX EU038 Engelmansplaat Island IOTA Welcome to the information page of 19DX EU038. This page is mainly made to offer log search, , general information. The eu038 activation is done by sea kayak , iota tide direction.

, can only be activated for a few hours due to the sea current Englesmanplaat is. Texel Lighthouse NL0048 elastone: PA DL1KVN portable. EU 038 Texel Island.

EU 039 eu038 Ile Chausey. EU 040 Berlenga Grande Island. EU 041 La Maddalena Island.

EU 042 Langeneß Island. EU 042 Sylt Island. EU 043 Orust Island.

EU 043 Winga Island. EU 047 Norderney Island.

EU 047 Wangerooge. EU 048 Bretagne Region. EU 049 Island of Lesbos.

EU 052 Othonoi Island. Low power en kleine antennes.

de PI4RAZ website Klassische QSL Karten werden auch heute noch ausgetauscht. iota Bitte schreibt mir oder teilt mir im QSO mit, ob Ihr Interesse an einer QSL Karte habt oder auch nicht.

Ansonsten werden alle Erstfunkverbindungen pro Band von mir bestätigt, es sei denn Ihr wollt keine haben. DG5XJ signiert QSL Karten der PJ7 Dx pedition. Добро пожаловать в Сумской областной радио.



31 EU 031 IC8. NAPOLETANO. 32 EU 032 F.



35 EU 035 UA10. NOVAYA ZEML.

36 EU 036 LA.


KALMAR OLAND. 38 EU 038 PA. RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for EU 038.

Information on EU 038. Group Name: Noord Holland Friesland Groningen Province group.

Claimed by: 67. 1% of participants. Main prefix: eu038 PA.

Location: 52. 33 N 53. 57 N 4.


Group iota Contains: Ameland; Engelsmanplaat; Griend; Noorderhaaks; Richel; Rottumeroog; Rottumerplaat. DxCoffee PA7PA Terschelling Island EU 038. 3 years iota ago.

0 comment. Nico PA7PA will iota be active Terschelling Island, IOTA eu038 EU 038. Date: 27 September 3 October 2014 QSL via home call.

Aktivitäten DARC 2010 ж. 26 сәу.

19AT EU 038 NOORDERHAAKS ISLAND 19AT037 Peter, 19AT510 Flip will be active from Noorderhaaks IslandIOTA ref EU 038) as 19AT EU 038 between May the first , 19AT395 Richard , the end of September 2010. QSL manager is 19AT029 The story, logbook , photosproofs) of the.

IOTA News from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club. 2 days ago AS iota 047; JA6, CW, RTTY, FT8) between Dec.

, Daito Islands: Take JI3DST will be active as JI3DST 6 from Kita Daito Island on HFSSB 28 , Jan. 9.

QSL via JI3DST. EU 038; PA, Noord Holland/ Friesland Groningen Province group: Jef DD2CW is going to operate as PA DD2CW from Texel between Dec